We are thankful for you cooperation! We’re considering of turning this into a full blown game! Follow me on Twitter to get latest updates on the progress: https://twitter.com/kaappis

As a little bonus, here is the soundtrack of Wildfire Firefighters: Catastrophe: Wildfire Firefighters Theme

It’s wildfire season and it’s your job to stop them from reaching civilization!

  • Order your troops to stop wildfire from spreading
  • Use bulldozer to make a clearing that is unpassable for fire
  • Firetruck and helicopter put out a fire from a hex
  • Airplane drops “phosphate fertilizer”, which makes a fireproof coating on hex
  • Map ends when all the fires have burned down

Click right mouse button on map to center camera on that hex. Left mouse button does the rest.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed winning-condition not triggering when it should
  • Unit working time was not calculated properly
  • Fire is now spreading correctly if player starts new scenario after finishing one
  • Changed "return to main menu" button from esc to mouse click or enter

Known Issues:

  • HTML5-builds full screen mode works correctly only on 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Unit cooldown time not showing properly in UI


Heikki Mustonen - Lead Programmer
Johannes Rojola - Graphics, additional code
Simo Kauppinen - Game Design, additional art & code
Rami Airola - Sound & music, additional art & code

A game made from scratch in 72h as a part of Ludum Dare 46.


firegame4.zip 36 MB

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